One of many personal projects I might actually embark on later this year. A personal tale or diary of my quest to search for the origin of our beloved Belgian beers and the stories that go along with the adventures. Personal tasting notes, knowledge gathering and pride in drinking our golden beverages.

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For this sunday project I wanted to do a redesign for a content-heavy website that has lot's of different interactions. My choice fell on facebook for I use it, but don't like working with it. I ended up redesigning the three major pages, being the personal, professional and homepage.


By Far


By Far is the musical project of the Belgian singer-songwriter Jacob Vermeire and tells life stories through ternary pop rock songs. After some thought we started of with the concept of telling stories around campfires. To make this dark visual identity work I tried combining textured typography resembling the ashes of the fire along with black and white photography to reflect the storytelling of (long) past events. To give more depth to the identity several graphics were made like the one found on matchboxes, charcoal overlays and burned textures to finish it all of. After the identity was done I've also created their webdesign, businesscards, merchandise, … Rock on guys!

Wondering how they sound like? Go listen at




Zigzag is the visual identity I've made for an independent seamstress and clothing creator who creates (and repairs) clothing. Not just any clothing, but also clothing for some local brands like Georgette and costumes for local theatre groups. Want to contact her? You can find her on Facebook.


A while ago I've met one of my american relatives, who happened to be in Belgium to give a seminar on web-security. We had a nice chat, after which I decided to create a logo and visual identity for this hacker, cyber security expert and passioned hiker that fits his alias (webbreacher).


The guys and I have been talking quite a lot of having routine in hosting a guy's night with beer and (board)games or from time to time some other fun activities such as bouldering, snooker, bowling, … Most of the time 'scheduling' is the main problem for realising such initiatives. So I wanted to give ourselves a push in the right direction by creating some graphics as part of the motivation to get this thing on the road. So from now on, every first thursday night we become the Thursday Knights! Game on, guys!

Graphic identity

I really do like the look of well prepared cocktail, especially if it's served in a good old fashioned tikimug. It instantly makes you dream of distant, sunny places where you enjoy your cold beverage after a day of bathing in the sun. Aloha Aumakua or ‘hello spirits!’ is a downloadable iconset of 24 tikimugs for you to use.

You can download this iconset & buy me a cocktail here: Download iconset


This project was a personal endeavour to create a animated website proposal, in order to represent this model in all its honour. The result? An adventurous discovery where we present all of the technical and unique specifications of the Galaxy s5 to the public. Call it a visual adventure, visually aided by some of the most popular apps at this time, which brings the product even closer to the potential consumers. See more details


Identity and website for a fictional cocktailbar that doubles as a laundry parlor during the day. The identity is made for a vintage clubstyle, where you can enjoy a nice cocktail and some groovy vibes during the after hours; or every thursday or saturday for a funky, themed party. Be there or be square! See more details

Graphic identity

This is a personal, non-commissioned design which took about 5 hours, created solely as a reflection on how I would redesign the brand's website. After watching the current Coca-Cola website, I woke up this morning and couldn't help myself wanting to redesign it and make it more user-friendly and interactive. I #choosehappiness! See more details

website (redesign)
Coca-Cola company

In order to celebrate the new showroom Jo&Co Fashion Agency organised ‘Jo&Co Tomoro(w)’, a one-night event for the agency’s most loyal customers and friends to kick off the new fashion season in style. For the occasion they asked to create a fitting invitation, which was loosely based on the architectural elements of the showroom.

115 x 140 mm
Jo&Co Agency

Featured in
RSVP: Invitations for Gatherings and Special Occasions a graphic design book by Sandu Cultural Media, published by Sandu Publishing.

You know what time it is? It's Burger Time!
This limited edition print was created in collaboration with Topo Copy, counting 66 riso-printed A3-posters for their series of 'artist prints'. The poster can be yours for €15,00!

420 x 297 mm
in collaboration with Topo Copy Ghent

In this personal project I honoured my favourite trilogy, being ‘Back to the Future’. I watched these movies with great care and captured all the graphic material from the movies; resulting in a graphic script for the movie. Afterwards I archived all the material (newspapers, posters, flyers, logo’s, signs, …) in time-brackets of 10 seconds organising the screenshots in a book. In the second part of the book I hand-typed the visible graphic material of the movies finalising the document. This book is 532 pages long and won't be reproduced.

240 x 120 mm

Branding and identity for a fictional monastery that bottles wine following a recipe dating back from the crusades. For the release under their new name they boosted the flavours and are ready to ship both wines (red & white) straight to the liquor store. Both wines are named after a high title within the masonic order.

Graphic identity

'Jo & Co Tomoro' was featured in a graphic design book by Sandu Cultural Media.

This project was a personal experiment to find a challenging, satisfying design for a round-shaped smart watch interface. Usually working in rectangular formats I figured this would be a challenge I would gladly accept. I ended up with this elegant, easy-to-use design for the interface - making the watch a stylish yet functional piece.

Interface design, UI, UX.

In order to record and produce his first album and position himself in the music industry; Freddie D (an Antwerp based DJ-producer) locked himself away in his studio and wasn't planning on letting anything come in between him and his first EP. 'Honey & Stings' is an album filled with lyrics and songs tackling private issues and following the 'Yeayä'-lifestyle he adapted. Having the aspiration to create this album, Freddie contacted me to create the album cover, fitting the title and mindset of the album and working along (graphically) to turn this album into a finished product. You can download the album here.

Musicians: Freddie D, T-Loc, Elokwenz, Zig-E, Finez, Commy, Pieter Hahn, Anouck Luyten
Photo: Joel Frijhoff Photography

Album coverdesign
127 x 127 mm
Freddie D

This was my entry in the student competition to revisualize the graphic identity of the annual exposition of the academy where I studied. The title of the exposition is "It's Showtime!" which is visualy characterized by the use of huge typography on all the communication. For my entree I created glyphs in the mindset of M.C. Escher his work, so I ended up with these twisted, 3D letters with bitmap dots on it.

poster-set & identity
841 x 594 mm
Luca School of Arts, Ghent

Both the endresult and documented process are what make this project a whole. The goal was to get more familiar with processing a bulk of information in a short time, creating a detective book series. Thanks to the Gutenberg project I was able to combine sixteen books in the serie (not coincidentally my favourite kind of books), for which I developed the identity and layout. To stay in the detective theme I documented my findings in a case file, combining testprints and inspirational graphic material.

set of books
235 x 155 mm

It was my goal to create a newspaper about some of my personal interests; being urban calligraphy, graffiti and streetart. In the newspaper you find a combination of both self written articles and existing articles taken from both magazines and newspapers. The project turned out the be a temporary reflection on street art, including current events, articles and discussions. For the design I got inspired by the typical look and feel of tabloids, but tried to make it more personal and fitting the topic.

420 x 297 mm

This project was a group assignment in college for which several groups of students created a graphic identity for their "political party". The project soon transformed into a real, graphic hen house in the school hallways. On the final day I combined our footage, designs and idea into a promotional video to give the voting a final push in the direction of my team.
My team (KHMS*) won the election for best campaign and identity, gloriously ending our anti-propaganda campaign which combined the face of a rooster (leader of the chicken coop) and the colour 'gold' resulting in a self-fulfilling prophecy of victory. Fun fact: during the campaign-run a special counterparty was created by other groups to boycott us.

*KHMS is the combination of the first letters of our party members: Kelly, Hanneleen, Marlies and Sam (me).

Graphic identity & campaign
LUCA School of Arts (Ghent)